Literary Festival and Book Fair

The Caribbean Writer (TCW), together with the Virgin Islands Literary Festival and Book Fair (VI Lit Fest), will host the 8th iteration of the festival as a hybrid event on April 8 and April 9 under the community focused theme: “Disruptions, Disguise and Illuminations.” This is also the theme shared with Volume 36 of TCW, currently being prepped for publication.  Headlining the festival this year is Pulitzer Prize winning author Nikole Hannah-Jones of the 1619 Project.  This year’s VI Lit Fest poster features artwork by Virgin Islands artist Gail Widmer. READ MORE

Journal Submissions

The Caribbean Writer (TCW) has issued a call for submissions for Volume 37 under the 2022 theme: Carrying: Reflection, Recognition and Repair.

Submissions are accepted from January 10 to December 31 each year and are considered for the journal that will be published the following year. (In other words, volume 37 will be published in 2023  READ MORE


In an effort to increase literacy levels, promote the love and appreciation for West Indian literature, introduce students to new authors, and improve vocabulary and writing skills among Form Ones, the National Library and Information System Authority’s (NALIS) of Trinidad and Tobago and it’s Educational Library Services Division (ELSD) established its annual One Book, Many Schools project.

For its 2022 – 2023 edition, students have been invited to read the book, Salt and Roti by Kenneth Vidia Parmasad.  The programme, which lasts throughout the school year, provides an opportunity for students to meet authors as well as participate in read aloud sessions, book discussions, art competitions, dramatisations, mount displays and immerse themselves in other educational and fun activities pertaining to the book. These activities support the school’s curriculum by raising the levels of comprehension and developing students’ creative and critical thinking skills.

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Caribbean Books Foundation has a compilation of books by Caribbean Authors on it’s blog under each country. This showcase is for readers to browse and find a book of choice. Feel free to send your book cover to be uploaded, if it is not already in the showcase at

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When were were birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo (Trinidad)

A mythic love story set in an imagined Trinidad…

Rich with magic and wisdom, When We Were Birds is an exuberant, incantatory masterpiece that conjures and mesmerises on every line. Ayanna Lloyd Banwo weaves an unforgettable story of loss and renewal, darkness and light; a triumphant reckoning with a grief that runs back generations and a defiant, joyful affirmation of hope.

Portia dreams by Opal Palmer Adisa (Jamaica)

The childhood story of Portia Simpson Miller, the first and only female Prime Minister of Jamaica. On March 2006 to September 2007 she was elected Prime Minister and again from 5 January 2012 to 3 March 2016. She was the leader of the People’s National Party from 2005 to 2017 and the Leader of the Opposition twice, from 2007 to 2012 and from 2016 to 2017. Portia Simpson Miller is from a working-class family in the rural area of St Catherine, but she decided very early that she wanted to contribute to change.

Pitching the Pitch Lake by Charmaine Daisley (Trinidad)

Nora Maitland is head of the three-girl team, The Brighton Junior Tour Guides. They are ready and revving to show off the world’s largest asphalt lake that’s almost in their backyard! But will Nora’s participation open her father’s old wounds regarding the Brighton Lake Company, the sponsor of the tour?

This Caribbean-themed novelette blends fact, fiction, and hints of the local dialect, creating a story that will delight children and adults alike. Join The Brighton Junior Tour Guides and experience the culture of La Brea, Trinidad – including the importance of its Pitch Lake to the village, the island, and the world.

The Most Magnificent by Jeunanne Alkins & Neala Bhagwansingh (Trinidad)

The seven magnificent houses along Trinidad & Tobago’s Queen’s Park Savannah have gotten into an argument. Professor QRC, Lady Hayes Court, Mrs. Mille Fleurs, Dr. Roomor, The Archbishop, Minister Whitehall, and Sir Stollmeyer simply cannot agree! Determined to restore peace to their historic neighbourhood, Mrs. Mille Fleurs must figure it all out.

Is it your age, or how you look? Who lived in you, or what those people did? Really, what is it that makes you The Most Magnificent?

How Britain Underdeveloped the Caribbean by Hilary McD. Beckles (Barbados)

A Reparation Response to Europe’s Legacy of Plunder and Poverty

“The modern Caribbean economy was invented, structured and managed by European states for one purpose: to achieve maximum wealth extraction to fuel and sustain their national financial, commercial and industrial transformation.” So begins How Britain Underdeveloped the Caribbean: A Reparation Response to Europe’s Legacy of Plunder and Poverty as Hilary McD. Beckles continues the groundbreaking work he began in Britain’s Black Debt: Reparations for Caribbean Slavery and Native Genocide.

Poisoned Arrows by Vellie Augusta Nicholas-Benta  (Dominica)

Take a step back…back to the ancient times.

After the stunning Igneri-Arawak beauty, Barbe, and Xamba–the innocent, pubescent daughter of an Arawak chief–are kidnapped from their village on Saba by Kalinago warriors and taken to St Kitts, their seventeenth century lives become a series of island hoppings.

Poisoned Arrows, carved from the shafts of historical facts and embellished with unbridled imagination, is the result of exhaustive research into the lives of island people who beachcombed, island-hopped and spearfished before us.

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